The First Day Back

It's hard for me not to feel a little manic the first day back in the studio after a long vacation, especially one that had us indoors and resting as much as the last week and a half did.  My mind is filled to the brim with ideas and action items and it's all I can do to convince myself that it does not all have to be executed by noon.  I'm going to attend a yoga class this morning and see some friends this week to help keep my balance.

I told stories onstage four times in December (won the Moth NYC StorySLAM last week!), and spent some time in the recording studio, too.  Now I'm ready to dive into designing and editing some new projects. 

But not until after yoga.

Here's a piece of exciting news before I go change out of my pajamas: registration for Squam Art Workshops 2011 begins a week from tomorrow.  You can read more about my workshops here, or on the Squam site.  It would be so fun to meet you there!