Horizon Perfekt, Lomo 400 35mm film

I miss the early days, my friend,
back before my complexities leaked out
one by terrible one.
Now instead of things
to tell you,
I'm drafting a new list:
the things I wish I could un-tell you.

It looks something like this.

Number one, that I am anything other than
what I appear at first glance.
Number two, that I think deeply and constantly.
Number three, that I feel the sorrows of
my dear ones
as if they are my own.
Number four, that I still keep trying to
save the world, though from what
I cannot say.
Number five, that an international committee
manages my fidelity.
Number six, that I am innocent and wise.
Number seven, that I vigilantly patrol
my dark places.
Number eight, that nothing causes me more hope
or more despair
than the possibility
of love.

Jen Lee