Podcast: Transition

Here's a quick check-in about the transition I'm in going from the Portfolio Project game into the next stage of my work this year, and what I see now--looking back--about balance.  I remember that someone once told me that balance isn't doing it all, all the time, but it is often doing one thing for a time, then doing another and creating balance in this turn-taking fashion over the course of a month or a season or a year.  I can see now that for me the Portfolio Project game was an experiment in balance through turn-taking, and for me I think this will be a very helpful model for my future work.

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Podcast: Finishing

Photo: Bridge in the sky, Central Park. Diana F+ with Velvia 50 film.

We're in the finishing season of the Portfolio Project game, and depending on your personality you may be cheering or perishing.  Today's podcast is for you!  I am sad that it is a dry day here in the apartment, so I'm gulping my tea again, but if you can persevere through it you will take away a nice portion of inspiration for your finish. If you have questions or any other topics you'd like me to cover in these podcasts, leave them below.  I can't promise anything, but if you have a topic about which I have something to say--I'll do it.  I'll take requests.  In the meantime, I'll be uploading Diana shots to my flickr stream.

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Restoration, Inspiration, Celebration

Photo: Bicycle cabs outside of Central Park

Restoration, inspiration, celebration.  Before playing the Portfolio Project game, I didn't feel particularly clear or strong in any of these areas, and yet these are among the gems I am taking away from this experience.  Listen below to find out how I traded in cracking the whip for a kinder, gentler way of working.  Tell us in the comments about how these things have shown up so far in your game, or which one(s) you are inviting into your strong finish.

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Portfolio Project Midpoint Gallery Show

Photo by Karyn Kelbaugh, who says, "The process has certainly been about highs and lows, or more so about plenty and drought.  When I have inspired ideas, like I did today, they come in a flood and usually at the most inconvenient times, and then when I desperately need inspiration, it hides from me.  I have found however that even if I have no ideas, if I just start shooting, the ideas start to come anyway."  Karyn blogs at Mundane Details. wwaddell By photographer Whitney Waddell. You must see her entire Night Portfolio Project.

#5 by Laura Healy
Stepping out into early evening
it is fifteen seconds at most
of standing in the moist air
looking up at the
almost full moon
as the clouds blow past
time to take
maybe one breath
and back into
the beating heart of the house
with its dinner, its child,
a basket of socks.

Laura/TheOtherLaura blogs at One of Three andFor the Time Being

fromchristiane Artwork by Christiane Froehlich, a peace and conflict researcher who is finishing her doctoral thesis during the Portfolio Project.


Photo by Gem, who blogs at Droplets of Devotion. rowena Flying Girl and The Seventh Wave, or Perspective by Rowena Murillo Painting by Jen Lemen. Read more about What 100 Paintings Will Teach You.

I want to thank all the artists who shared their work with us in this Midpoint Gallery Show. Many of them sent me multiple pieces, and it was excruciating to pick just one. I wanted to do a fancy slideshow, but I was getting mired down in the details and had to ditch that idea to keep it fast and dirty. Maybe at the end I'll figure that out. I am so fortunate to be creating alongside each one of you.

Please contact me if you have any corrections to make regarding your credits and links, or if you sent me work and don't see it here. I want to share everything you send me, but with my travels it's possible something may have fallen through the cracks.

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our most honest work yet

Photo: My new blue journal, with the first poem inside on the first morning of the year.

The good news in my Portfolio Project game these last few days has been the opportunity to read some of my new work--in person--to some dear friends.  The bad news came this morning, when a little one beat me awake and unrolled my latest roll of film all over the floor.  Mourning all those shots I'll never get again.

Literary merit completely aside, I know I'm doing my soul work over here, and the writing I've done ever since I wrote all the way to the fence has been deeply satisfying.  I'm traveling around with the little journal I started on New Year's Day at Jen's house, and completed just last week.  I was laughing with friends yesterday about the truly deep things that will be found someday in its pages like, "I'm ready for some toast now, or maybe an omelette." (More on my journal-writing philosophy here.)  But it also feels sacred to me, and when I read to my dear ones it becomes my prayer book, and we stand witness together as the mysteries of human wounds and human healing break through the plain-jane words and touch us with unknowable fingers. 

This is my most honest work yet.

Maybe this is the next round of the Portfolio Project game--to relinquish concern and consideration for the perceived quality of our work and to dig deep until we excavate a truer version of ourselves than we've known until now.  To abandon ourselves to our most honest work yet, and to let our dear ones bear witness to our path. (Keep sending me your gems for the Midpoint Gallery Show--jen at jenlee dot net.)