Rose Polenzani and Anne Heaton in NYC

A question I've been asking a lot lately is, what is my work?   It's easy and maybe obvious to think that my work is about writing or storytelling. But the center of it all, the work unfolding before me is about things like presence, seeing and being seen, and being true.  This is why it's easy to find kindred spirits across mediums.  This is why, when Jen Lemen introduced me to The Roses a few years ago, I was captivated. 

So when I heard that Rose Polenzani and Anne Heaton were coming to NYC, I had to go.  And Jen was so sad not to be here for it.  She wasn't the only one--not even close--so I'm posting a few clips from the show here for all of you.  Their tour is just starting--check out the dates below and visit them in a city near you.

You can also see Anne and Rose together here and  here.  If you love these singer/songwriters as much as do, visit their sites, leave kind comments and download their music.  They are good companions for the journey, I promise.

"Queen Anne's Lace" is from Rose's latest album, When the River Meets the Sea. Buy it here.

You can find "The Only Way Out is In" on Anne Heaton's latest album, Blazing Red.

Upcoming Shows:

Comfort and The Be True Game

The sky, not falling. Horizon Perfekt, Lomo 400 35mm film

It's always a dilemma for me: how many of my mental . . . quirks to spill out here?  But then, once I let you into the crazy it's hard not to fill you in on how it resolves.

Before taking a leap, do I ever ask myself, Why am I doing this again?  Yes.  Yes, I do. I ask myself over and over again while some part of me looks for a way to wiggle out of jumping.  Sometimes the answers are different, other times they are the same.

This week the answer is about comfort, maybe because that's my word for the year.  I find an endless source of comfort in other people's stories, people who are willing to be true, and I want to be a part of that somehow.  I want to tell stories that give comfort, like this: Your humanity is okay.  You can be naive and look foolish and have body odor and all of it means you belong to the human race.

So many messages around us are designed to make us feel ashamed of our humanity.  That way we won't stop buying scented personal hygiene products and matching throw pillows and cinnamon-flavored chewing gum.  But people who look slick and flawless are very hard for me to take.  It might make me un-likeable or unpopular, but here's what I really believe:

People who let themselves really be seen are the bravest ones of all.

There are all kinds of games we can play in life--I've been playing many of them for a long time.  There's the Look Good game, the Be Good game (much harder to shake), and I'm trying with everything I've got to switch leagues into the Be True game.  I think the hardest part for me is the way in which winning the Be True game requires me to lose the Look Good game and Be Good game, so even when I say I'm past caring about those things I still have to walk on stage and prove it.

If you want to come see me lose the Look Good game tonight, you can find the details for what will be an amazing show here.