Merch: Available Online for a Limited Time

This year, for the Squam Art Fairs, I designed a small line of apparel.  It seemed like a fun and light-hearted project.  But once my items arrived, I couldn't believe how soft and comfortable they were, or just how good it felt to wear those words close to my heart.  It felt amazing, as if something true could seep into me by osmosis. 

They felt so good that I didn't want to wear anything else.

Some people noticed the shirts in the Spring Squam pictures and enquired about them.  I don't like anyone to be left out, so I'm making them available here on a temporary Merch page--for how long, I do not know.  I'll try it out for a week or two, and see how it goes.  I'm not set-up right now to ship the apparel items internationally, but that may come.

I'm so happy to share the soft and cozy goodness with you.  Go on over, and get 'em while you can.

Photo by the amazing Tracey Clark.

Squam Art Workshops: The Journal

I am so excited about The Journal, Volume One from the talented souls at Squam Art Workshops.  Chock-full of beautiful art, luscious photographs, inspiring words and even actual journal pages--this has got to be the next best thing to being there to soak in the magic in person.  I wrote a piece for this project, and my beloved friend, Jen Gray, has been weaving all the goods together--I can hardly wait to get my hands on it.

Regularly $25.00, you can get it for $19 when you pre-order before 7/23/10. 

Is anyone as excited about this as I am?

Squam Spring Session Photo Album

I'm an early riser, and this was my view from the rocking chair on the porch while my cabinmates were still deep in their slumber.

This was our cabin. 

Morning on the dock.

This cozy cabin living room is where my classes were held, complete with sofas and old-fashioned rocking chairs.  A couple mornings it was even cool enough to light the fire.

Some of my students went out to the dock to do their exercises.  Doesn't it look dreamy? 

An impromptu Cal Patch fashion show in our cabin with Jen, Thea, Michelle and Jonatha.

Here are a few Diana Instants:

Saturday afternoon we took a trip to the nearby town of Center Sandwich, NH. 

With my new friends, Gin and Arrabella.

The yellow butterfly in the center of this pic was always flying around just outside our front door.

Meg's rocking the pink hair and her new tattoo.

Meg with our cabinmate, the amazing Cal Patch, and our beloved Mackenzie.

I still have a few more pics at the lab right now, if you can believe it.  Somehow seeing all the photographs has helped me with the transition back home.  It's like looking at them helps me believe That Really Happened and wasn't just the best of dreams. 

Meet Me at the Art Fair

I hope that some of you dear readers can join us for the Squam Art Fair and Squam Revelry.  I am jumping up and down over here because this time I will be joined by my sister, the master of fun and play: Meg Brothers.  We'll be sharing a table, featuring her scrumptious Spring Line and some top secret new goodies from my studio.

At my last Squam Art Fair, it was so fun to meet companions from the region as people came from all over New England for the evening.  I would be so thrilled to connect with you--please come if you can!

Reasons to Join Me at Squam Art Workshops in June

Squam Lake, Diana Instant+

You won't want to live without the hot new merch I'm designing for the Squam Art Fair.

In my classes, get your hot little hands on a piece of my new curriculum project, not yet available to the public, that will take you in-depth on our topic for a month afterward.

Learn how to weave your stories, then learn about access points to courage and cycles of belief.

In the afternoon, loosen up with a vinyasa flow set to hip tunes, learn to spin yarn on a spindle, create your own t-shirt pattern, or learn how to knit a seamless sweater.

Hear some of my true stories first-hand at a special storytelling session on Friday night.

Sitting on the dock and dipping your toes into the beautiful Squam Lake is the best way to welcome summer.

If you've been looking for your creative tribe, there's no better place to find it.

Being loved, nutured and mentored to your bones will carry you for a long, long time.


There's still room for you!  Join us.