Podcast: Zeal in a Time of Rest

In today's podcast I talk about weaving a thread of zeal or passion through this season of quiet rest.  I talk about this book and this post by my friend, Jen Gray.  I'm in an editing phase right now, and it is all I can do to not edit this track, but I need to get on to other things.  Thanks for taking me as I am, still waking and struggling at times to find the right words.

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Podcast: Reimagining New Forms for Creative Projects

a green market stand built out of a yellow school bus, Union Square

Sometimes in the midst of a creative project, we need to reimagine the form it is taking.  This can be frustrating and difficult.  In today's podcast I'm talking about how I'm making my way through such a space right now.

(ps--You can see a few pics from last night's show here.)

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Podcast: Look and Listen

The Impossible Project, Horizon Perfekt with redscale film

Today's podcast is about looking and listening as remedies for creative hangovers. 

I'm looking at the new issue of Uppercase Magazine and pictures from Monday night's show.  I'm listening to this interview Meg Hutchinson did with Bob Edwards and her song, Seeing Stars, on repeat.  What are you looking at or listening to this week?  Let us know in the comments.

These podcasts are unrehearsed, unedited thoughts straight from my studio.  Click the link below to listen or right-click to download it.