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Film by EASEL: Filmed on location in Woodstock, NY over three days during the recording of a multi-media project for multi-talented artist Natalia Zukerman.


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Musician, painter and educator Natalia Zukerman resides, writes, plays, teaches and paints in Brooklyn, NY.

Her music can be heard on the soundtrack of several seasons of The L Word and ABC Family's Chasing Life. In May, she was the artist in residence at the cell theatre in New York City where she developed her multimedia one woman show, The Women Who Rode Away. Natalia is preparing the release of its accompanying album and touring it throughout North America.

Musician Portraits: Mona Tavakoli by EASEL

Musician Portraits: Mona Tavakoli by EASEL

Mona Tavakoli by EASEL

Mona Tavakoli by EASEL


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Performer Mona Tavakoli is the designer of The Award-Winning MT Box cajon. Her all-female rock band, Raining Jane, co-wrote and recorded YES! (Atlantic Records) with Jason Mraz. In support of the album they toured internationally for two years. Mona and Mraz have been collaborating for nearly a decade.

Mona is also co-founder and co-director of the Rock n’ Roll Camp For Girls Los Angeles, a nonprofit that encourages girls to find their voices through music during an intensive, weeklong summer day camp.