Retrospective: Film Writer & Editor Aaron Wolfe

Aaron Wolfe, photo by Jeff Simmermon

Aaron Wolfe, photo by Jeff Simmermon

How does a boy who dreams of being a rabbi end up making films for the big screen? In this episode of Retrospective, we catch Aaron just after his return from the Los Angeles Film Festival, where his short film "Record/Play" was premiered.

He shares:

  • What it's like to go from creating the work to talking to people about it afterward
  • How he reconciles being a creative whose work takes many forms across multiple mediums
  • About being a singular person holding all the complexities of identity

Aaron Wolfe is a writer and award-winning storyteller. Aaron has won multiple StorySLAMs at "The Moth." In January 2012, he won the prestigious Moth GrandSLAM and was featured on the popular Moth podcast. 

Aaron's screenplays have been finalists in multiple competitions including "BlueCat Screenwriting Competition" and Francis Ford Coppola's "American Zoetrope." His short film "Record/Play" was premiered at the Los Angeles Film Festival. Recently, Aaron's essays have appeared in multiple publications including Tablet Magazine, UFR, and Praxis; and he was recently featured on for his blog "Autonomika, Autonomika!" in which he combines cover songs and true stories from his life.

Aaron also crafts stories as the producer/editor of several feature documentary films, including "Isaiah's Children" (2011) and "Saving Hubble" which is currently being turned into a multi-media road-show that will begin touring Summer/Fall 2012.

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