Retrospective: Liz Kalloch

Photo by Bella Cirovic,

Photo by Bella Cirovic,

Her first language is French. She lived in Belgium as a child and spent her 20s in Europe. Artist and designer Liz Kalloch has had many adventures: grand, far and wide, but is now more rooted and creating her work and her life more than ever before. 

In this episode of Retrospective, listen as Liz shares about:

  • her transition to freelance design from working for large companies and publishers
  • how "working small" changes the quality of creative work
  • the power of place, and
  • the saving graces she's experienced along the way

Liz Kalloch paints, writes and designs in a turquoise house by the San Francisco Bay. You can see more of her work her on her website.

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Retrospective: Painter Jolie Guillebeau

Jolie paints on the beach in the Outer Banks

Jolie paints on the beach in the Outer Banks

"It is the tiny moments or the little things that end up saving your life." -- Jolie Guillebeau

In this episode of Retrospective, Jolie Guillebeau shares a story that defined her for many years, and the new story she's written for herself and her life against all odds. Told she should go into real estate and that she would never do anything with art, Jolie's paintings and the stories behind them are now treasured in homes and hearts around the world.

Her new book, Beauty Everywhere: A Portable Gallery, is available for a limited time from Jen Lee Productions. Sign up to receive her daily paintings and stories here.

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