2 for $75: Telling Your Story (Gathering Special)


2 for $75: Telling Your Story (Gathering Special)


For a limited time--the Gathering Special includes 3 short videos, delivered via email, to help turn your course into a powerful shared or small group experience. (Video delivery: early October, mid October, early November.)

Please include a note with a second shipping address if you'd like the second copy to be delivered directly to its lucky recipient. 

  • 3-CD set in an 8-panel digipak: Telling Your Story Sound Studio featuring Jen Lee's full audio workshop, along with in-depth interviews with story pioneers and mentors Peter Aguero and Ophira Eisenberg
  • 125-page interactive, 3-ring bound home study curriculum 
  • 8 entryways into discovering your own formative or forgotten stories
  • 60 pages of exercises to walk you step-by-step through the journey
  • 24 composition pages 
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