It's rainy outside today, and to be honest, I woke up feeling pretty rainy on the inside, too. Here's a glimpse into my advice to myself for the day, and what followed:

Me, to Myself: Try not to resist sadness if it wants to be your companion today. Invite it to sit and chat, and maybe it will tell you something useful.

Me: Why are you here today?

Sadness: Seemed a good day to visit.

Did you have to come? I haven't exactly been missing you.

It was time.


Because you're worried about your upcoming trip, and about Amelia. You are missing people far away and you're struggling to communicate from a distance. You're restless, and avoiding being home.

Yeah, I've noticed. Why am I doing that?

It's a lot of work to live there and keep it a beautiful place you want to be. It's also a little lonely--even at night when you're watching something entertaining. You're disconnected. That's what I came to tell you.

I don't think it's intentional.

Well, it's at least neglectful--like forgetting to charge your phone, so you couldn't call the friends you wanted to this morning.

Yeah, that was a bummer.

Or, like spacing out at night and not even connecting with what you're watching, let alone with whom you are watching it.

Okay, that's enough--I get it. Would you mind leaving now, or do you insist on hanging around all day?

Just until you charge the phone.