where's my miles davis?

Trying to keep my spirits up despite the gloomy, rainy weather. I realized my gas stove and oven are making me sick, so I'm also trying to manage that. I had all these lovely groceries delivered yesterday, but we had to go out for dinner because my throat was still so jacked up from the night before that I was having trouble swallowing. Thanks to Dad for great tips which will probably save my life, but my voice, for sure. I'm using the crock pot for the next couple days, and no more baking. Cousin John's is down the street if we need a fix. Just another way that I'm feeling like a moron lately. (Another is not knowing how to answer my new phone--if you call, be prepared to do so two or three times until you get through.)

IKEA told me yesterday that one of my furniture pieces is out of stock until they-don't-know-when, the rug I was getting for my living room went off sale and doubled in price, and the swank shower head my parents got us for Christmas won't fit the plumbing in my bathroom so I'm left with the old psychotic head that shoots you in the eye regardless of which direction you point it. By dinner I just wanted to cry. At least today I have a mission. Must. Mail. Packages. I think we'll hike to the P.O. by Target, and maybe pop in there to look for some window coverings. The new buggy board is making my life feel much easier. It should feel like less work than our last trip.

Our new computer will arrive today. I hope I'm here to accept the delivery. Tomorrow we'll be rained in before the weather turns around on Friday. (I'm thinking picnic at the park.) The weekend feels like a year away.