What would you confess?

youKyra SedgwickThe Closer

  • A native New Yorker, Kyra sounds nothing like her character, Brenda Johnson.
  • Kyra's secret to staying married 20 years?  "Not being naïve enough to think there's a secret."
  • What she'd do differently as a new mom?  Lose the guilt.  "[My kids] turned out fine, but the guilt kept me from enjoying the jobs I had."
  • Why she and her husband hope their kids go into another business?  "It's not that it hasn't been good to us--it has, but it's a very narcissistic business.  I try really hard to stay outward-focused, but it's so easy to get really inward-focused.  And it's unstable, and as a mom, I hope my children will be secure.  I hope they'll never be told they're not getting a job" because of one reason or another.
The Closer All photos in this post by Susanna Martin.  Go here for more pictures of the event.