A Little More Flow

playground fountains sans water

I could feel that familiar sensation last night of spinning and fretting while I watched my routine for today getting turned upside down. The weight of an inbox that's been procreating, unattended, all weekend, the list of things to-do mounting, the way I always feel in those moments like everything that needs to happen needs to happen this minute and simultaneously. I remember this sensation, I thought, and ran through all the words I have for it. Stressed. Manic. Wound-up. Operating with a Too-Small Margin. Over-stimulated. Weary.

Then I reviewed my remedies: a good night's sleep, some hot cocoa (that steamed milk is magic) and the Bare Minimum Game. That's the game I'll be playing today, while my caretaking duties here at home trump everything else for a day or two. And the world will keep turning, and the wound-up part of me will see once again that the sky is not, indeed, falling. That my control is an illusion and that life works best with a little less effort and a little more flow. I will breathe, in and out, and feel the earth supporting me. And be flexible. And flow.

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