Blogher, and a Book Party

I have meeting you on my mind today.  I'm on my way to the Blogher '09 Conference soon, and if you're going, too, I would be so happy to meet you there.  The Shutter Suite will be my home away from home, so look for me there.  You'll know it's me because I'll be carrying one of these signature Meg Brothers bags.

"Claire" during the day:

Or this lovely pink clutch, which is a prototype of Meg's new original design, by night:

I'm also working on a long-distance celebration for my new book, Fortunes, either via conference call or a live video stream.  If we do the video stream, you can communicate back via text chat in real time, which is interactive, but not voice-to-voice.  I'll read a few selections from Fortunes and then we'll take some time to chat about the book, writing, creative work, or whatever's on your mind.  So, what do you think--are you interested in an event like this?  If so, does the video or the call appeal to you more?  I'm curious to hear what you think.

I'm so grateful to be making connections with so many kind people these days.  The messages that have come in with the book orders and after they arrive have been really, truly encouraging.  I'm looking forward to many more connections to come.