Indie Kindred Debut at WDS 2013

All photos by  Justin Davanzo . With moderator  Michelle Ward  and featured artists:  Jonatha Brooke ,  Jolie Guillebeau ,  Liz Kalloch ,  Christine Mason Miller  and  Liz Lamoreux .

All photos by Justin Davanzo. With moderator Michelle Ward and featured artists: Jonatha BrookeJolie GuillebeauLiz KallochChristine Mason Miller and Liz Lamoreux.


Usually when we finish a big project, my friends and colleagues are still scattered across the country, exchanging words of congratulations by phone. But not on this day. 

On this day, so many of the people involved in the project were there with me, and it was an unveiling of epic proportions. We sat close by each other near the front of a full theater and balcony, and every time someone near us appeared on screen (or her artwork did), hands reached out from all around her to touch her shoulder, give a hug or squeeze her hand. I got to be there to see the tears in my friends' eyes as they watched their story unfold.

I have nothing but gratitude for this day, for everyone who made it possible and who came to bear witness and celebrate the introduction of Indie Kindred.  It really was a dream come true.

Big thanks to Justin Davanzo for being our event photographer. You can see more photos from the debut and other events in the Indie Kindred Flickr group.  

Next up: Seattle and then we're back for a public screening in Portland! Our fall schedule is filling up--check out upcoming events here