Lucky Me, Lucky You

What makes me feel lucky? Knowing Katherine Center.  Just thinking about Katherine is enough to make me tear up.  And when I read her latest book, Get Lucky: A Novel, I'll be honest--I cried.  Who she is really moves me.

Here's something about Katherine that you won't read on any book jacket or in any bio: this woman is intimately acquainted with love.  She's lost her heart to it, tended it day after long day, smelled its breath in the morning.  She's been lost and found and wrecked and saved--all by love.  She's put all her chips on that number.

And when she tells you a story, it is infused with this knowledge.  And when you read her words, you know that she is telling you the God Honest Truth.  She's not going to sugar-coat it and tell you it's all sexy underwear and getting along and bliss and always knowing what to say.  She'll tell you every side of the truth, and when it's your turn to go all-in, you'll know the stakes.  You'll know the cost. 

And you will never have been more hopeful.

I'm giving away a copy of Get Lucky: A Novel to one of you lucky readers at midnight on Sunday (4/11).  Just leave a comment and tell me this: what makes you feel lucky?