Photo by Sarah Stacke,

Photo by Sarah Stacke, www.sarahstacke.comOne reason I love telling stories at The Moth is that the audiences are generous and supportive, and the audience last Thursday night was no exception.  It was an honor to be invited to tell a story at The Moth Mainstage, and the whole evening felt like something out of a dream.  The Player's Club was warm and intimate, and I felt fortunate to have my husband and friends there celebrating with me.

This performance pushed me to my edges and took a good dose of courage, but I had so much support and love from near and far to stand in that I felt really solid in the moment. 

I'm indebted to Jen Hixson for her tireless edits and attention to detail on my story, along with the friends who listened to version after version after version, adding edits of their own.

I was happy to meet Sarah Stacke (the photographer that took the shots featured in this post), and talk about Africa and making a difference before the show. Check out Sarah's work at site is really lovely.

More photos from our evening at The Player's Club are here. It was a beautiful experience--one that I wanted to capture and remember forever.