On the Other Side of Brave

It feels embarrassingly familiar--my pendulum swing back and forth between being seen and being hidden--as if at any minute you guys could jump in and write this blog post on your own.

Yes, Jen, this always happens.  You're right on schedule, and no one is surprised.  You swing out, big and wide, with as much courage as you can muster, and then when it's over the worries begin.

"Did I say too much? Did any of it matter or make a difference to anyone?  Are we still sure we wouldn't all be better off if I was just a barista?" (Don't think we don't know you were plotting your application, For Real This Time, just yesterday.)

Here's the good news, you would say.  It comes, and it goes.  Stay under the covers, watch your movies, it will pass.  And soon enough it will be time to be brave again.  And love will be there to catch you. 

It always is.