journaling at the playground, Diana Instant+

I know this rhythm, the way it rises and falls.  Flurry of activity, restore order.  Repeat.  Some people can cycle through daily or hourly and never have a pile form, but my cycles are longer.  My piles certainly higher.  But there's something about restoring order that frees up so much energy for other things--as soon as I begin I feel the lift.  Two more hours closer to the taxes being done.  Inbox to zero, for the first time ever.  One less call on the to-do list, one less appointment to remember.

There's a kind of rest or ease I find in the receipt-adding and the floor-mopping.  These tasks that don't demand a clever word or an original thought.  It is an act of self-care every time I tend to something that prevents a breakdown.  Keys in the findable place.  Food purchased prior to mealtime.  Bills paid.  Flights made.  And the lightness comes, even better than good sleep, and the energy builds.