Sitting By The Dock

Squam Lake holds a piece of my heart, it's true, and I couldn't be happier about returning this Fall to celebrate 5 years of Squam Art Workshops. This will be my sixth session teaching here, and while every gathering is unique, the magic of coming together and creating enfolds us every time.

The woods, the water, the loons singing, the docks and rocking chairs and fires in the hearth--we always try to dissect the formula. How does it work? What makes the magic? But we always come up short on explanations, because the truth of the matter is much harder to recognize or admit.

We bring the magic with us.

We create a space where we can show up and receive exactly what we need when we say Yes to unreasonable ideas like giving ourselves the gift of several days away, trying something new, and venturing into the woods with a bunch of strangers in the hopes of leaving as friends.

The minute we say Yes we create space, and then all there is to do is to show up and receive--maybe not what we expect, but almost certainly what we need.

Below are the descriptions of my workshops from the Squam site, and I would be honored and delighted if you would come and play with me.

Tell It.

Become a story excavator as Jen Lee guides you in the hunt for your own story treasures, and learn the secret ingredients that will transform even a quiet story into an epic tale.

This workshop--really, truly!--is for:

  • wallflowers, quiet souls, people who don't know if they have a story to tell.
  • people who know they are holding story jewels but wonder how to share them.
  • those who suspect it might be time to stand up and rock the mic. 

You will complete the day with your own story treasure and everything you need to share it--around the fireplace of your cabin, in quiet confidence with your best friend, or on the Squam Coffee House stage.

It's your story. Tell it.

It's your story. Tell it. Shirts available here. Telling Your Story home study course available here.


"We are the origin of our work. If that origin is mapped accurately enough, if we are honest enough to name what we find there, then our work is original." --Julia Cameron

 There comes a time in every creative journey to capture the essence of what makes you completely distinctive and unique, and to exhale it like breath into everything you do. 

 There is a path that taps into your inheritance to bring vibrance and electricity to your present and light the way into a future that is wanting you.

This all-day adventure through beginnings, timeless stories and unwritten endings will pull your creative fingerprint into focus so that all you create will be powerfully and essentially YOU. 

Come painters, come poets, come modern dancers. Whatever form your creativity takes, it becomes rooted in your journey, infused with your soul when you discover your Origins.