Squam Essentials, and an Art Fair

I'm bustling away over here, gathering and packing up all my essentials for Squam Art Workshops on Wednesday. I'll be bringing everything from my new lip balm and favorite slippers to other must-haves like these:

A sweet blue mini-cardigan, which I just finished knitting, that was inspired completely by (aka shamelessly ripped off from) Jolie Guillebeau when I was with her this summer in Portland. I love the glazed buttons I found for it here in my neighbhorhood. She'll have one just like it, but better.

My dreaming of the sea necklace and earrings by Liz Lamoreux, which pair perfectly with the above new mini-cardigan, and always remind me of the rhythm of the waves, the great mirror of water and sky at the shore.

The next knitting project to pair with the rocking chairs all over the campgrounds--on the porches, in front of the fireplaces. These socks on size 0 needles are super portable and so soft to work with. My thoughts fall right in line as the stitches do the same.

A train case for my camera gear has been on my wish-list for over a year now, and when I found this one for a song at a boutique near my sister's home in Colorado, I knew it was the one I was waiting for. Can't wait to nestle in my cameras, films and more.

Boxes, boxes, and more boxes of good things are arriving every day. One more visit from FedEx tomorrow, and it will all be here. (Those lucky Squamsters get the first peek at everything.)

Are you Squam-ward bound? What essentials are you bringing?

If you're in the area on Saturday night, I'd love to meet you at the Art Fair, and you can be among the first to see what's coming this fall. It's an amazing celebration of creative work--join us if you can.