Take a Moment to Breathe

I've been going "full tilt" as Maya says for the last month. One of those big bursts of creative energy that pulls up the railroad tracks and realigns them. That gives new things that last push needed to be born. The kind that emboldens you to step into new frontiers.

There are such good things coming this month, including:

  • Telling Your Story, a ground-breaking new experience in story work
  • The Care and Keeping of Creative Souls, a new full-color book perfect for giving
  • The Emerging Icon Series: Be Legendary, a free bi-weekly video series. 

But before everything is launched and unveiled, I know I need to take a moment to breathe. Some time to shower, to eat Indian food, to wander through record shops and attend to all the things that have been neglected these last days.

Join me. Take a long lunch, a short walk, or 20 minutes just to stare out the window. Share in the comments what your Moment to Breathe plan is, why you need it, or how you're feeling on the other side. Creating space for an extended inhale and exhale prepares us to receive all the goodness that is coming on the other side.

And there is so much goodness coming.