What You Need to Know When You Come Home from The Lake

Yes, it was real. Even those moments that felt like they were happening to someone else.

Looking at the pictures always helps you believe this.

You really were that brave.

And you were loved for it. So deeply.

Nothing you gave went unnoticed--not one glance or gaze or word or smile.

It wouldn't have been the same without you.

And you aren't the same. So when you are fidgeting in your old life, feel the places where you need to expand.

It's okay to not know what to do next.  Laying down is always good for the not-knowing moments.

Remember how you were gentle with yourself, and choose to be gentle again.

Remember how you let yourself be seen, and practice being seen again.

Remember how you were loved, and practice loving yourself the way others loved you--without requirement.

Feel the earth quaking below your feet, and know that a hundred new futures were made. Fate is just adjusting.

Hold what happened there in a sacred place.  Build yourself simple reminders.

And when it is time, act boldly, with this lake of creative energy under your feet and this fire of belonging at your back. 

If there's anything you learned, it's that you're not alone. Not ever.