When Strangers Become Friends

Our view from the back porch, Horizon Perfekt

Things I will always remember from Integrate in the Rockies:

  • Relaxing in the hot tub while snowflakes fell and melted on my face.
  • Watching light, pretty snow falling nearly all weekend through a wall of windows and feeling like we were inside a giant snow globe.
  • Dancing in the kitchen.
  • Sitting close on the couch.
  • Coining a community line of Tshirt slogans.
  • A British tea service fit for queens.
  • Seeing the falling snow through the delighted eyes of a woman from New Orleans.
  • Watching everyone arrive as strangers and depart as dear friends.
  • Holding space together for all that comes next.

Below is a photo recap from an amazing weekend, and you can see our group Flickr pool here.

To read more, check out Amy Blum's post, Afterglow.

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