Retrospective: Gearing Up with Maya Stein


If all the people I know and love lived here in my neighborhood, I would host a party every Friday night so you could meet one another and hang out. You would be so inspired and happy to know each other, as I am every single day.

But we live near and far, and we will likely never be all together on a Friday night. So I'm creating this new podcast series as an attempt toward the next best thing.

It's called Retrospective, and it features in-depth conversations with artists, authors and visionaries about the places in which we find ourselves and the stories that brought us here. It's an inquiry into our experience of journey. But at the heart of it, it's an introduction between some of my favorite people in all the world.

My first interview is with poet Maya Stein who is gearing up for her latest community writing project/adventure, Type Rider, which has her riding her bicycle for 40 days (departing on her 40th birthday) with her typewriter in tow. She'll create movable writing stations along the way, and finish the journey in Milwaukee, the birthplace of the typewriter.


Maya Stein is a poet, feral writing instructor and adventurer. She is the author of Spinning the Bottle and The Overture of an Apple. On her blog you can sign up to receive one of her original 10-line poems in your inbox every Tuesday.

Listen: Use the player below to hear the episode, or subscribe in iTunes. Individual files of each of the poems she reads will be added in the coming days.