Retrospective: Caren McLellan Gazley

Unless you stop, you don’t know how stressed you are. You don’t know how neurotic you’re being. You don’t know how unhealthy you’re being. . . . Is that really where I want to go—where I can’t see it because I’m so busy, but the people around me are going to know it and see it and have to partake of it?
— Caren McLellan Gazley, author of Ritual & Rhythm: A Guide to Creative Self Care

In this episode, meet author Caren McLellan Gazley, whose wisdom and friendship have mentored me for most of my adult life. Her career has centered around being of service, whether under the umbrella of faith communities or international humanitarian work. Grab a warm, steamy drink, dim the lights and press play to be transported to my kitchen table with us.

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Our in-depth conversation covers:

  • how Caren's journey brought self care under a spotlight
  • the kind of pacing and care that can help one sustain a career in service of others
  • finding the way into our own solutions and tools
  • taking self care from the realm of luxury to necessity
  • why it's not as simple as following a formula
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Caren McLellan Gazley is a soul care specialist and human rights activist whose work has led her to places like Mauritania and Albania. Still an L.A. girl at heart, Caren has deep wisdom drawing from her rich personal experiences about caring for yourself in the midst of parenting, partnerships, community and passionate work. She is the author of Ritual & Rhythm: A Guide for Creative Self Care.