Happiness is your own design

This is the bracelet I made this afternoon. This charm reminded me of a scene from the movie What the Bleep Do We Know!? involving water and words. I figured I could use some of that mojo these days. After perusing all of my bead, gem and silver options I was completely drawn to seeds and wood today, which reminded me of Slanderwoman's 5 Elements and wondering if I'm needing a little earth for balance.

Plus, it reminded me of the childhood books I've mentioned here before: Charles Schultz's Happiness is a Warm Puppy and Happiness is a Sad Song. I decided that happiness is your own design, and then I thought about how we're designing the life of which we dare to dream. Last night Justin accepted a job in Manhattan that he is absolutely thrilled about, and we will be relocating soon, probably to Brooklyn. Doubt is always lurking just outside my door, so this bracelet will be a reminder that I take happiness with me on my journey like a trusted companion, if I invite her.