Being Home and The Recharge Program

Horizon Perfekt, Kodak Portra 400 35mm filmI had a really great trip, but I'm happy to be home.  New Hampshire pollen in June kicks my butt.  I'm still recovering from that, and finding my way back into my beloved routine.  Still trying to let all the goodness and all the love from this past week sink into my body, still wrapping my mind around everything that transpired during the gathering of such lovely souls.

Today I'm sitting up again, but my head is still mostly resting on my shoulder or my hand.  I'm hoping to have my full capacities restored sometime soon.  In the meantime, here's how I recharge and restore:

  • Vegetable curry. This is the first food I want to eat every time I come back to Brooklyn.
  • Hours and hours on the phone. It takes time to catch up, but telling the stories and hearing my friends' helps so much.
  • Watching movies in bed. I know this has been a big one for me lately, but I swear by it.
  • A good Ani song on repeat.
  • A night out at a story slam to see my friends and receive their stories. Even though I am so, so tired.
  • I think I'm even going to shower today. This is a sign of the supreme gentleness I'm feeling toward myself. Maybe tomorrow I'll feel up to washing the bug spray and dirt out of my favorite jeans.
  • Skip the running attempt. Call the doctor instead.
  • Sleep.  I have some catching up to do, which unlike some people, I swear is possible.
  • Be aware of the difference between things that can wait (unpacking) and the things that can't (seeing Kate Godin).
  • Let myself land squarely in love. Crouch there on that ground until the unsettling feeling of the leap has left my body.

I might have to come back and leave more in the comments as I think of them/do them.  I have a recharge routine that is definitely emerging, and now I'm just trying to document it for the next time I need it.  As always, I love hearing your recharge tips in the comments.