UPPERCASE: A Magazine for the Creative and Curious did a lovely feature on Squam Art Workshops in the Winter 2010 issue.  I had a good time being interviewed for it with some of my fellow teachers.  The article, written by Christine Chitnis, and the photographs by my beloved friend, Andrea Jenkins (aka Hula), really captured the warmth and beauty of these gatherings.  I'll be teaching the Story Weaving class that is mentioned in the article again this year in the June session, in addition to new classes in June, September and October.

I can't say enough about the loveliness of UPPERCASE Magazine, which was a finalist in the Society of Publication Designers' Magazine of the Year category.  Subscribe if you can, and if you see the cost and wonder, can it possibly be that exquisite?  Know: Yes. Yes it can.

On Creative Work and Motherhood, and Moving the Website

When my artist friends are deliberating about becoming mothers, I don't say, "Oh, just go for it--it will be fine." I know this dilemma well. It took me five years to make my decision--to choose motherhood--and I wasn't even doing creative work before I became a mother. The decision to begin writing and travel down a creative path came out of the kind of moment I've often had since becoming a parent: I wouldn't take this risk for myself, I would just settle for something here. But I will take this risk for my girls, because I want them to know anything is possible. I want to show them how to find and follow dreams. Now my creative work and my mothering are intertwined like a double helix. . . .

Continue reading this article In the Wish Studio, where I'm honored to be a part of the wishmamas series.

Please be patient as my website moves to a new server and the links take awhile to catch up.  I apologize for all the missing photos and paragraph breaks in the archives--I just don't think I'm going to do the tedious work of correcting them.  Just a few comments on the last couple posts were lost in the shuffle.  If one of them was yours, feel free to post it again if you'd like.  We'll have a fresh start of sorts here.  (I hope you like the new design.)  More features are coming soon.


Podcast: Focus, and Creating a Life

Photo: 7th Ave. hat stand, Diana F+ with wide-angle lens

When I turned on the microphone this morning, I had no idea how hoarse I was.  I edited out some coughs in an effort to prevent hearing damage for any ear bud-wearers, and it is so hard for me not to edit it all the way.  I just have to remember:  humility.  A slow death for perfectionism. Today I'm thinking about the ways in which the Portfolio Project may be shaping up differently than we imagined, and how we can roll with it and keep going.  I'm realizing that the Portfolio Project is just the latest way I'm choosing to create my life. Listen below.

You can subscribe to the Portfolio Project podcast here. To start at the beginning of the project, go here.


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