A New Pathway Into Transformation

Photo by Pathmaker Liz Lamoreux

Photo by Pathmaker Liz Lamoreux

If I had to boil down my most central area of inquiry to a single word, I would say, transformation. I am endlessly looking at how and when and why we leave one way of being behind for another, examining the necessary conditions or ingredients, so to speak.

I look across learning styles and personality traits--the way some of us do our deepest work in solitude and others in community--as well as other factors, like how much we can integrate at what pace or what settings certain topics lend themselves to more than others.

My friends and I are always looking to see how many pathways into a conversation we can create: Is there a way to just dip your toes in the water or to carry a simple reminder with you during your day? (a tshirt) Is there a way to plunge into the deep end? (a retreat) How about a way to ease in at one's own pace, moving from the shallow to the deep end as one adjusts to the water? (a home study course)

What about people on a budget, or people who don't know where to begin when too many pieces arrive all at once? 

That last question led us to the creation of monthly subscription options, first for The Iconic Self with Phyllis Mathis, MA, LPC, and now with author and artist Liz Lamoreux's transformational work, The Gift of This Moment.

This option means more sweet packages in your mailbox, with resources and supports that arrive at a steady, easy-to-follow-and-digest pace. It means another doorway into conversations and practices that can mean the difference between losing yourself or holding on and finding your essential essence in life's more trying moments. It means that instead of waiting until Some Day, you could begin Right Now.