New Online Courses at Brave Girl University

I'm so excited that Brave Girl University, a Netflix-style platform for soulful and creative online courses, opens its doors tomorrow. It's an honor to be a part of the more than 80 teachers gathering for this new work. You can have access to all kinds of learning--from step by step projects to deep wisdom for living--all for $24.95 a month. 

While one of my classes shares its name with a live class and handbook I've previously made available, all these videos are from the NEW wisdom I've been gathering around this topic in recent years: The Care and Keeping of Creative Souls. The title umbrella it falls under is the same but the content here is all new.

The second class I've created is an unedited guide for vulnerability: How to Be True (and Live to Tell). It addresses the challenges we bump up against when we create close-to-the-heart work or when we are making room for our more tender places to be seen and heard. Both courses are right at the forefront and edge of where I'm working and living--filmed in real time from the road on our Summer Tour.

If you enroll before classes start tomorrow, there's a special discount on the Brave Box optional add-on that brings exquisite supplies to your post box every month to inspire and support your learning.

There aren't many organizations I would be this proud to partner with--my friend Melody Ross and her team at Brave Girls' Club works with so much heart and integrity that I've been dreaming of working together for awhile now. I'm so happy that time has come and I invite you to join us there, knowing that it will be all you hope for AND MORE.

Learn more and enroll here.

Videos that are getting me through

I've shared some links on social media recently about some videos that are getting me through these  days, but wanted to post them here, too, so you don't miss them. I'm deep in my work right now, which means I need things like:


This short set my friend Ophira Eisenberg did on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson is still cracking me up. Ophira shares her storytelling know-how in our home study course: Telling Your Story, also featuring Peter Aguero. You can also pre-order her memoir here.

The kind of advice about courage that only children can give.

I found this great short film via my friend Tim Manley, who is both talented and endearing. The girls and I keep singing the song from the end: "The Scared is Scared". And the truth is, I need it quite often.

Dancing and grooving.

This "Some Nights" cover by Walk Off the Earth and Julia Nunes has such a great groove that you'll want to download the mp3 and add it to your Rock It Out playlist.

What's getting YOU through, these days?

Holiday Bustle and Dreams That Come True

blog_black bag.jpg

Lots of holiday bustle over here--but the very best kind. I'm in this very serious nesting-kind-of-kick as Thanksgiving approaches, giving the apartment some love (and getting happier and happier in my space with every minute), gathering food and having my mind just a little bit blown when I realize that visitors will arrive tomorrow. Creating clearings for rest and play and love.

We're also bustling here at Jen Lee Productions with a holiday special like we have never had before, just for those who have requested our catalog or to keep in touch in some other way with our offerings and happenings. You can go here to make sure you're on the list for our virtual postcard going out on Friday, and there's a couple days left to tell your friends.

I am feeling a sacred quiet and like my heart is busting out of my chest all at once when I think about the way you read along, journey alongside and support us as we make the good things of our dreams. It's been a landmark year: around this time last year we released Telling Your Story, then The Care and Keeping of Creative Souls. At Christmas time we were wrapping up The Iconic Self, then in the spring we introduced you to Ritual & Rhythm: A Guide to Creative Self Care and Beauty Everywhere: A Portable Gallery. The Gift of This Moment carried us into summer, with a CATALOG to hold it all together.

I still get that wobbly-knee feeling, just remembering how vulnerable it's been to take so many close-to-our-heart dreams and to make them real. To order boxes full of vision and to have faith they would be greeted with kindness and even open arms.

It's because of your encouragement, your belief and support that we've been able to do this. You literally make our dreams come true, and for that we are truly thankful.

A New Pathway Into Transformation

Photo by Pathmaker Liz Lamoreux

Photo by Pathmaker Liz Lamoreux

If I had to boil down my most central area of inquiry to a single word, I would say, transformation. I am endlessly looking at how and when and why we leave one way of being behind for another, examining the necessary conditions or ingredients, so to speak.

I look across learning styles and personality traits--the way some of us do our deepest work in solitude and others in community--as well as other factors, like how much we can integrate at what pace or what settings certain topics lend themselves to more than others.

My friends and I are always looking to see how many pathways into a conversation we can create: Is there a way to just dip your toes in the water or to carry a simple reminder with you during your day? (a tshirt) Is there a way to plunge into the deep end? (a retreat) How about a way to ease in at one's own pace, moving from the shallow to the deep end as one adjusts to the water? (a home study course)

What about people on a budget, or people who don't know where to begin when too many pieces arrive all at once? 

That last question led us to the creation of monthly subscription options, first for The Iconic Self with Phyllis Mathis, MA, LPC, and now with author and artist Liz Lamoreux's transformational work, The Gift of This Moment.

This option means more sweet packages in your mailbox, with resources and supports that arrive at a steady, easy-to-follow-and-digest pace. It means another doorway into conversations and practices that can mean the difference between losing yourself or holding on and finding your essential essence in life's more trying moments. It means that instead of waiting until Some Day, you could begin Right Now.


Story Mentoring: Limited Spots

From nonprofits to executives and all kinds of creatives in between, my individual story mentoring is some of my most rewarding work. Previously only available by private request and arrangement, this summer I have a few spots to offer to my favorite people of all: you, dear readers.

Story Mentoring is for kindreds who:

  • tell stories live as an on stage performance, in speeches or teaching scenarios, or even at dinner parties
  • write stories in essays, online or in memoir
  • craft web sites and communications about their work in a way that incorporates their story and rich personal history

Sessions are available by phone for domestic kindreds, and via Skype for internationals, in packages of two or four sessions (each an hour long).

This work is highly interactive, diving deep into the work you're already doing and complimenting it with the rich multi-dimensions of story building, crafting and telling.

Want to find out more? Complete this short form, and I'll contact you regarding pricing and availability.

Last Chance: Order The Gift of This Moment Home Retreat Kit by June 30th to be included in a TGOTM Facebook Group hosted by the lovely Liz Lamoreux. Imagine connecting with others who are retreating with these practices for reflective living alongside you--you don't want to miss out!

Liz had a great time debuting this new project last week at her Your Story Retreat, including her new collection of poetry, Five Days in April. Thanks to all our friends who celebrated with her in person there.

Read more about The Gift of This Moment or watch a short trailer here.

Informing and Inspiring

Unedited, cross-processed film. Taken with my Horizon Perfekt panoramic camera.I wish I could say it's as simple as telling your soul to wait until June, to hold off and sit quietly in the corner until this last project is made. This part of the making takes so much left-brain attentiveness to copy editing and making sure the sound edits are undetectable, so many calls to printers and attempts at clear communication and then when it's out of your hands and into someone else's--so many crossed fingers and prayers.

But I've been saying "just hold on" for so long now and "it won't be much longer", even as our timetable has stretched this long production phase from April now to June. And perhaps at the end of the day one doesn't have this much say in what kind of seasons draw us in or usher us out.

It makes me feel split between two worlds whenever I have deep, intuitive shifts happening under the surface. So much is always happening up at the surface, whether five pieces are going into production or I just need to remember Wednesday morning's check-up at the doctor and that tomorrow really IS the deadline for a little one's field trip money and she will be so disappointed if I forget.

I tell myself, Be present. But in the middle of the playground or the Friday night movie I have a montage all my own running behind my eyes as the part of my mind that weaves together and connects and takes all the patches and sees how they fit into the whole, spins with memories and emotion and the wise things others have said and all I'm missing is the popcorn.

While I'm shifting and swirling in the place where two worlds overlap, here are a few of the pieces simmering in my internal pot. Things that are informing or inspiring me, right here, right now.

The New Feminine Brain:

Developing Your Intuitive Genius

by Mona Lisa Schulz, M.D., Ph.D.



Maya Stein's Spoke-n-Word daily journal of her amazing Type Rider project


Johnny Cash at San Quentin




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