Podcast: The Future You Are Building

Photo: Amelia sporting vintage Jen Lemen, and a tiara. According to my tracking information, today is my lucky day.  My new camera is scheduled to arrive.  I can hardly think of anything else.  I am excited to add a visual piece to my Portfolio Project (behind schedule as it is), and to be a blind beginner in one of the forms I'm practicing during the game. So maybe today, there are some of you who are only just now warming up to the idea of this game, but you're certain it's too late now for you to play with the rest of us.  No such thing!  I am only beginning my photography this weekend (given I'll probably be swimming in the manual today).  Latecomers, consider this an official invitation to join the game.

I'd love to hear about what future you are building with your Portfolio Project--please tell us in the comments, or link back if you post about this on your own site. You can subscribe to the Portfolio Project podcast here. To start at the beginning of the project, go here.


Thank You


I'm not sure what happened with yesterday's ChipIn button--somewhere along the way the tally counter broke.  Together, along with a few other kindred communities, we raised the money to finish the Little House that Love Built in less than 24 hours. I wrote you a story in thanks (no editing, no frills).  I was so inspired by the opportunity to give Esteria her windows to the world, together.  This is not the kind of thing I usually post on the blog.  I guess it's just a gift, back to you--a community weaving a new future with your work. I might call it, "They Gathered", or "Window to the World". You make my dreams come true.