Podcast: You can be more gentle with yourself than you imagine

Walking the lily pads, Diana Instant+

I'm sneaking out of a family movie night for ten quick minutes just to lay down these thoughts for you about the spaces I'm traveling through this week.  I am out of the studio a lot this week, enjoying our last lazy hazy days of summer here in NYC and managing my wellness with lots of rest and an easy pace.

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Podcast: Creating Spaciousness

An outdoor fruitstand--redscale film, Horizon Perfekt

"Spaciousness" is the word of the month over here.  From time commitments to wardrobes, I'm editing down to essentials and delights.  Freeing up computer memory and table tops, preparing the soil of my life for a new crop of possibilities.

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Podcast: The Soul Care Garage

Horizon Perfekt, cross-processed Afga 200 35mm filmHere are a few thoughts for you before I go.  As is generally the case, this podcast is uncut and unedited--just some raw musings from my studio.  You can find previous podcasts here.  I mention David Whyte's work, What to Remember When Waking, and here's the soothing music I'm listening to this morning.