Retrospective: Liz Kalloch

Photo by Bella Cirovic,

Photo by Bella Cirovic,

Her first language is French. She lived in Belgium as a child and spent her 20s in Europe. Artist and designer Liz Kalloch has had many adventures: grand, far and wide, but is now more rooted and creating her work and her life more than ever before. 

In this episode of Retrospective, listen as Liz shares about:

  • her transition to freelance design from working for large companies and publishers
  • how "working small" changes the quality of creative work
  • the power of place, and
  • the saving graces she's experienced along the way

Liz Kalloch paints, writes and designs in a turquoise house by the San Francisco Bay. You can see more of her work her on her website.

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Retrospective: Kelly Barton

When I allow myself just to truly be who I am, it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks. . . . I can let that go.
— Artist and designer Kelly Barton

Artist and designer Kelly Barton is one my favorite people in the whole world. One friend recently noted, "The best thing about Kelly is, wherever you find her or whoever she's with, Kelly is always Kelly." There's something so true blue and steady about the way she inhabits the world--you know you can always count on her to be kind, to be fair, to call it like she sees it and to walk her path, wherever it takes her.

We recorded this conversation on a porch at Squam Lake in New Hampshire, and if you listen closely you can hear the breeze blowing through the trees.

In this episode, Kelly shares about:

  • being a creative in a small town in the Midwest
  • learning to listen to negative feedback in a non-negative way
  • how she balances solitude and time in the studio with friendships and creative partnerships
  • and her latest creative collaboration with Liz Lamoreux, Chickadee Road.
  • Here's more about Kelly, in her own words: 

    i am a girl who believes in the everyday simple. i love sharing
    empowering stories through each girl i paint. stories that we
    each tuck away in the layers of our days, sometimes just needing
    a little reminder that it is okay to come out and play.

    i am kelly barton. mixed media artist, designer. i own a laugh
    that sounds like betty rubble and  a love for the word d.a.n.g.
    a girl filled to the brim with color.

    the girl next door.

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