Retrospective: Phyllis Mathis, Counselor & Coach


"I find myself, I experience myself, I kind of . . . in a way . . . fall in love with myself when I'm having conversations." Phyllis Mathis, LPC and Coach

In this episode of Retrospective, I jam with Phyllis Mathis, who is the co-creator of The Iconic Self. Phyllis has been a practicing counselor for over 20 years and is also trained as an ontological coach. Registration is now open for her online workshop, Power Play.

Click the link above to hear Phyllis on:

  • "Constituting" one another in conversation.
  • Finding space in conversations in which to find ourselves.
  • The kind of listening that has creative power.
  • Friendships that nourish our humanity.

The Iconic Self is available as a home retreat kit and an audio course.

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